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Wyoming Stewardship Project


Students will gain an understanding of Wyoming’s vast resources and become informed citizens, capable of serving as stewards for Wyoming’s future.


The Wyoming Stewardship Project (WSP) was inspired by our desire to share an understanding and sense of stewardship of our vast resources with all Wyoming students. Wyoming Agriculture in the Classroom (WAIC), in partnership with the Wyoming Department of Education (WDE), will work with resource leaders to identify key learning concepts in agriculture, energy and minerals, natural resources, outdoor recreation and tourism for the development of project based units. The purpose of these units is to support students’ ability to make informed decisions for the state of Wyoming as adults. This project is meant to promote the highest quality of life for Wyoming citizens. The WSP has the ability to empower our students. The lessons will be aligned to Wyoming standards and will bring a real-world perspective to Math, Science, Social Studies and Language Art classes.

What is currently happening with the project?

Thank you to all who commented on the Wyoming Stewardship Project key learning concepts. The Board adopted the concepts in June and Wyoming educators spent the summer mapping and writing units for the classroom. Currently, units are being piloted across the state and more information will be available soon. 

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Pilot Classroom in Newcastle:




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