Vision Statement

Our vision is a future in which the interdependence of people, agriculture and natural resources is recognized and valued.

Mission Statement

The mission of Wyoming Agriculture in the Classroom is to develop an understanding of agriculture and natural resources through education.

Core Beliefs

  • We believe Wyoming's youth and adults should have opportunities to explore the world of agriculture and natural resources through science-based education.
  • We believe Wyoming's education systems provide the most effective vehicle for delivering this knowledge and learning.
  • We are committed to partnering in learning opportunities involving agriculture and natural resources.

WAIC Goals

  • Assist Wyoming educators and students to develop a scientific, economic, and cultural understanding of Wyoming's agriculture and natural resources.
  • Create, provide, and promote quality educational materials on agriculture and natural resources in correlation to the Wyoming State Education Standards.
  • Manage the strategic and fiduciary responsibilities of WAIC to maintain its role as a leading source for agriculture and natural resource education.
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