Bookmark & Beyond Mapping Project

Calling all 5th Grade Classrooms:

Encourage your class to explore Wyoming’s resources in a whole new way! Introduce cutting-edge GIS technology while your students hone their writing and presentation skills as they develop a class mapping project. The winning class will be invited to present at the Bookmark & Beyond celebration in Cheyenne and receive some great prizes.

  • A class map using MapItFast software, generously donated by AgTerra
  • A collaborative 1-2 page project report explaining your mapping project
  • A short video of your class presenting their map and project report
Access MapItFast:

On a computer or smartboard visit:
On tablets and smartphones with GPS: download the FREE MapItFast app

Try it out!

Choose: MapItFast Login
username: Educator
password: testme

Simple to Learn; Even Easier to Use:

With a single tap on your mobile device, you are able to use GPS or draw points, lines, polygons, and add geophotos.

Take a Fieldtrip:

MapItFast won’t use your data, because it doesn’t require an internet connection while mapping. Once your device is back in range of WiFi, maps created in the field will automatically sync to your account.