Congratulations to our 2021 Educator of the Year!

Wyoming Agriculture in the Classroom (WAIC) would like to congratulate Reva Lobatos, the 2021 Educator of the Year. Ms. Lobatos currently teaches 4th Grade at Fort Washakie Elementary in Fremont County.

Lobatos is active in her school, education communities, and WAIC programs.  She has been involved with writing, revising, and teaching the Wyoming Stewardship Project (WSP) over the past four years.  Lobatos commented, “Using the Wyoming Agriculture in the Classroom materials provided my students with information about the state they live in and inspired many of them to talk their grown-ups into exploring more of the state. Not only have we talked about caring for the land, water, and animals, but we have also introduced the idea of recycling and its impact on future generations. Students are becoming educators among their families as well. It is very inspiring!”

Over the past four years, Lobatos has taught the WSP to her fourth-grade students on the Wind River Indian Reservation. The lessons provide a meaningful way for Lobatos to discuss natural resources, the economic impacts of those resources, and caring for the land. This year, in her virtual classroom, Lobatos utilizes resources from WSP as she and her students explored Devils Tower and a Wyoming trona mine through virtual field trips.

Reva summarized her experience, saying, “I believe in this program, I truly use it, and I am always inspired by the outcomes. I also appreciate the effort that has been put into producing such an exceptional curriculum. I am very thankful for the virtual adaptations this year!”

As the 2021 Educator of the Year, Lobatos will be awarded a cash prize of $2,500 through Wyoming Agriculture in the Classroom.  The award is funded by the Vermillion Ranch Limited Partnership, Mantha Phillips, and the Wyoming Livestock Roundup.

Congratulations Reva!