Congratulations to our 2023 Educator of the Year!

Wyoming Agriculture in the Classroom would like to congratulate Jamie Keisel, our 2023 Educator of the Year. Ms. Keisel currently teaches 3rd Grade at Greybull Elementary School.

Keisel is active in her school, local community, and WAIC programs. She has been involved with writing, revising, and teaching the Wyoming Stewardship Project (WSP) in addition to participating in the annual Bookmark & Beyond contest. Keisel teaches lessons from both the Agriculture and Outdoor Recreation and Tourism units to both third-grade classes at Greybull Elementary.

Jamie Keisel teaches a lesson from the Wyoming Stewardship Project during homecoming week.

Keisel’s fellow third-grade teacher, Misty Hernandez commented, “Jamie teaches our students to be good stewards of the land through her own examples and stories about the land and livestock that she takes care of in her own life. When the students can see real-life connections from her it increases their buy-in to what she is teaching. Jamie truly loves teaching our students about agriculture in Wyoming and how to take care of our land and resources.”

Lessons come to life for her students when Keisel brings in guest speakers from the Wyoming Game & Fish Department, Conservation District, and agricultural community. Her students write letters to local ranchers asking about stewardship practices before taking a field trip to see the ranch in person.

As the 2023 Educator of the Year, Keisel will be awarded a cash prize of $2500 through Wyoming Agriculture in the Classroom.  The award is funded by the Vermillion Ranch, the Wyoming Livestock Roundup, and Mantha Phillips.

Congratulations, Jamie!