Wyoming’s Students Wyoming’s Future

Dear Friends,

We hope your fall is going well!  Wyoming Agriculture in the Classroom (WAIC) is in full swing with our Wyoming’s Students Wyoming’s Future (WSWF) Campaign. Our goal for the WSWF campaign is to raise $5 Million.

This funding will allow for expansion of the Wyoming Stewardship Project (WSP), extending it’s reach to 825 classrooms annually by 2025. With your help, we can complete the WSWF Campaign by year-end.  We hope that you consider a financial gift to help students, teachers, and families throughout Wyoming.

The WSP is a curriculum for Wyoming students in 2nd-5th Grade in Agriculture, Minerals & Energy, and Outdoor Recreation & Tourism.  This series of lessons focuses on critical thinking skills around our natural resources and major economic drivers.

Teachers value this educational resource. One of those teachers, Reva Lobatos, has witnessed powerful impact within her students through use of the WSP in her 4th Grade classroom at Fort Washakie Elementary in Fremont County. She shares the story of a student in this year’s class.

Reva and Elis
“My students deserve curriculum that is relevant to their lives, families, land, and culture! WSP provides these lessons as a free resource for classroom teachers across Wyoming.   
One of my students, Elise, age 9, has benefited from this resource.  Elise says, ‘I believe this (WSP) is important. Wyoming is a special place for our culture, and it’s home.’ After the lessons, when I asked Elise if she knows what the economic drivers, A
griculture, Minerals & Energy, and Outdoor Recreation & Tourism are, she responded, ‘Yes, now I know what those are, and I know Wyoming is full of those.’
I am proud that Elise has learned all of this through the WSP. Now Elise, and other Wyoming students, can understand the importance of the land and natural resources in this State we call home.  The students make connections and solve problems in a variety of ways.  Because the content is directly relatable to kids who live in Wyoming, they can understand how each concept affects their future and see the big picture.”

WAIC so grateful to teachers like Reva, who see the value in this curriculum for Wyoming.  This truly is an effort to safeguard the future of our State.

We hope that you will consider a gift to our Wyoming’s Students Wyoming’s Future campaign today.  As you look at the response card, note the option of up to a five-year pledge or a one-time gift.  Your generosity can help us impact more students, like Elise, in your community.

All our best,

Joe Evers

Campaign Co-Chair

Marilyn Mackey

Campaign Co-Chair

Ray Mader

Campaign Co-Chair

JoAnn Skeim-True

Board President

Jessie Dafoe

Executive Director

Rindy West

Development Director